About Us

Toronto Unified is a lifestyle brand which showcases the culture and heritage of our beautiful city. 

With a commitment to producing superior garments, accessories, and apothecary items right here in Canada, we are redefining what it means to be Canadian- because it’s not all campfires and dogsleds. From daytrips to nightclubs, from cityscapes to Rocky Mountains, Illbury + Goose is a lifestyle that is truly unique and entirely Canadian.

We aim to bring together all parts of the GTA and of Canada alike by spreading the rich values this city has to offer.

Toronto has always been amazing, we know that and you know that too, but it's time for the world to know as well. We are the new cool kids on the block that everyone wants to know, and know they shall.

No city in the world is as diverse and multi-cultural. No city in the world overlooks differences and keeps a sense of oneness to the same degree that Toronto does. 

We love this city.

Toronto Unified, unifying not just Toronto, but the world at large.